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Crypto Signals providers in 2021

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Crypto Signals is a service provided by professional traders and analysts. They share their trades and analysis with their subscribers or followers. With the rising number of altcoins, more and more crypto signals providers are popping fast. Everyone is wanting to have a taste of this market and gain as much exposure as possible and as a result, they end up offering extra features to woo their members. That ultimately makes it a wearying process for newcomers to choose a proper signal provider for themselves. 

Here is our list of the best 3 telegram signal providers to pick from: 


Launched by a team of no more than four highly successful crypto traders with a collective experience of well over 20 years, MCP grabs the first spot in our list as they tick all the right boxes of a good and free crypto signals provider. From having a dedicated expert team with their forte in deep technical analysis and accurate trading, to deeply researching and analyzing the market sentiment before sharing signals with the members, to offering as many as 9 signals every day, they do almost everything to make your trading journey profitable and easy.

Aside from that, they use their Telegram group to not only share their trades and signals but also share the latest articles or current trending topics in the cryptosphere to assist people in making good and profitable trades. They provide access to their Free group but their ParadiseFamilyVIP subscription is where you get personal coaches and a VIP chatroom to interact with other VIP members. This gives you a real advantage as you’ll be getting the best of their trade secrets.

Hirn Crypto Free:

Supervised by a group of specialist traders, they are positively ahead of many competitors in the game when talking about the use of technology. HIRN signals stand amongst the leading signals providers with a 6.5% of profit margin on average. It is recognized for its high-grade performance with no subscription fees. Binance Spot Traders prefer using these signals. 

So far over 5000 people have subscribed to them and are using the provided signals for trading. Thus a big community signifies the effectiveness of the Hirn Crypto Free. The only drawback is not having support for a wide number of popular exchanges and trading pairs. Only 7-14 crypto signals are generated in a week which sometimes may not be enough. Hirn Crypto’s free version is quite popular already among both new and seasoned traders, but to unlock more functionalities, you have to buy a premium membership.

Crypto trading signals: 

Founded in 2019, it began its services by providing free trading signals to its users. With its growing success and increased number of followers, a premium membership option has been included. Due to its good accuracy and cornix support we have added it in our list. 

Apart from BitMex and Binance, it gives cryptocurrency trading signals for other popular exchanges too. The only drawback eclipsing it comes from it being comparatively newer and people do not trust providers with not much market experience. That translates to offering a limited number of features as compared to its competitors.


These are three of the best and reliable and affordable crypto signals providers that can bring you good benefits. For newbies who want to invest and trade but lack the fundamental know-how, can choose one of them. However, one must always remember to cross check and properly research before subscribing. We also suggest to not be blindly dependent on the signal providers. 

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