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EOS price falls to $1.4: what’s next? – Cryptopolitan

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The EOS price line saw bears on the 12th of March after which it fell towards the $1.80 mark. The cryptocurrency traded within a day’s range of $ — $

1-Day EOS Price Analysis (12th March)

EOS Price Chart

EOS Price Chart by TradingView

The coin started the trade above the $3.0 mark and it gradually came down to the $2.0 mark as of noon on the 12th of March. The cryptocurrency traded between the $2.0 and $2.2 marks until near the end of the day, when the coin fell to the $1.8 mark and saw to the day’s closure with a trading price of $1.792 US Dollars. The cryptocurrency saw another drop which was headed towards the $1.4 mark. At the time of writing, the EOSUSD trading pair has a trading value of $1.791 US Dollars.

EOS: predictive analysis

EOS Featured Price Chart

EOS Featured Price Chart by TradingView

The crypto analyst is of the opinion that the best buying zone as of now is the $1.5268 level, while a false breakout should be awaited at the moment.

Featured Image by Annie Spratt.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice but an informative analysis of the price movement. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability towards any investments based on the information provided on this page.

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