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STAR Capital Customers Now Enjoy the Largest Cryptocurrency Selection – Yahoo Finance

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Cryptocurrency trading – a top trend in 2020

Fully aware traders all around the world are attracted by cryptocurrencies due to increased volatility, Starcapital decided to take an early step and start covering a broad selection of crypto instruments, ensuring there will be enough for all traders wanting to find opportunities in this challenging market. Its offer includes Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, NXT, OMG, ZCash, IOTA, Stellar, Neo, Tron, Cardano, EOS, and other altcoins.

Starcapital has an edge over other big competitors, they are currently providing support for a handful of cryptocurrency instruments, while others offer limited access to a market that continues to grow at a fast pace. Trading opportunities arise not only in Bitcoin and the other large-cap tokens, but smaller altcoins have proven to be more volatile in nature, due to lower liquidity.

With a broad coverage for cryptocurrencies, it is now easier for Starcapital customers to integrate crypto into their already-established portfolio or build from scratch a new portfolio based only on cryptocurrencies. Due to their low correlation with other asset classes (stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc.) integrating crypto is one of the ways traders can invest as they wish to.

Variety of trading tools to leverage the advantages of cryptocurrencies

Starcapital offers customer support services via the live chat feature integrated into the platform. Available 5 days a week, it will assist traders with any technical or trading-related inquiry. This all means there is a diversified trading ecosystem available, backing traders alongside their trading journey.

Starcapital wants to remain one of the best choices for cryptocurrency traders, continuing to adjust its offer constantly, to keep up the pace with all the latest market developments. Traders all around the world had already shown their satisfaction when it comes to the services provided by Starcapital.

About Starcapital

Starcapital is an online trading brand offering access to a wide range of trading instruments including currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and a broad range of cryptocurrencies. With next-generation trading technology, fast order execution, superior performance, and user interface, the platform wants to be one of the top choices for online traders around the world.



Source: finance.yahoo.com

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